The Tillemann-Dick family has a thing for cheese. We just really like it - and seem to eat it all the time. Over spring break I decided to put together a few cheese boards for a little gathering we had at our house. The results were good. Really good. So I thought I'd share : )

Whenever I contemplate a cheese board (<--a great activity, by the way), I like to find something to put on the crackers/bread which isn't cheese. Golden syrup, tapenade, chutney, jam, pesto, and honey all work well!

I love Goat Cheese, but sometimes it's a little bland on its own. I like to roast nuts (almonds, pistachios, pine nute - you name it!) and press them onto the outside of the log. It tastes wonderful and makes the cheese board look a little more interesting, too.

I also like to add extra things to nibble on. A little ramekin filled with (in our case vegan) smoked apple sage sausage is always a hit. Dried fruit is a wonderful addition, too!

As are roasted hazelnuts and pistachios.

Sharp Asiago, Mild Jarlsberg, Soft Golden Syrup, Rich Dates, Irish Cheddar with Porter Beer, Smooth Goat Cheese with Roasted Almond Crust.

Like Goat Cheese, Brie is a wonderful cheese to dress up. For this one Glorianna roasted some pecans in brown sugar and butter and poured them on top.


Raspberry curd was a new discovery for us. It. is. amazing. And extra delicious with the Candied Pecan Brie.

I think the best cheese boards have a variety of colors, textures, shapes and sharpness - and allow for a bunch of different combinations. But, if you like what you're putting on the plate, you really can't go wrong!