Monday was a much harder day for hundreds of thousands of people than it was for me. But the Boston Bombing left me shaken, distracted and hopeful. I think we all want to help, We all want to heal. We all want closure. But for me, I don't think that healing will come from following the news or twitter. It comes from running into the chaos. Where I am, that doesn't have to do with running into any literal explosion. It means finding meaningful opportunities to serve someone who is lonely, someone who is in need, who is poor in spirit, who is hungry or sick. There are people lying in my figurative street and I can help. They're our sisters and brothers, our family and friends, our neighbors and classmates and strangers. They're all around us. Our victory comes when there is darkness and we make light. When there is hatred and we show love. Where there is winter and we find spring. 

And maybe this week, we do it wearing a pair of red socks.