Mercina dearest has officially submitted her papers to serve a mission this next year. This is awfully exciting news for her and all of the people who'll get to enjoy the pleasure of her company for the next year and a half; it is less exciting for me. Mercina has been my nearly-constant companion for the past . . . 19 years. Apart from ensuring I perform basic hygienic upkeep, she is also the person I'm closest to on this earth. I'm not sure how I'm going to get along without her next year. This song keeps playing over and over again in my head, and I have a nervous feeling that if I died in my room next semester, nobody would notice I was gone until the smell of my decomposing body in the hallway overpowered those of stale beer and man-sweat. But, all things considered, I think I've been taking her imminent departure in stride -- graciously, even.  To support this point, I even threw her a Sorry to See You Go S'more Soiree. Apart from some grumpy pan-handlers dressed up as entrepreneurial grad-students (seriously though, they kept asking us for money and telling us to turn off our youth music), it was quite a delightful evening. Together with a few friends, we ate giant raspberry goat cheese s'mores, ukuleled, and enjoyed the fact that Mercina's not gone quite yet.