Obamas, you so sassy!

It was cold yesterday. Very cold by DC standards, and yet Premal and I—and about a million of our fellow Americans—braved the elements for nearly 8 hours. Why, you ask? Well, because it was inauguration day and my brother got me tickets, and if I had tickets I was going to go goshdarnit. By the day’s end we had seen more uniforms than I knew existed, watched a herd of young unicyclists wipe out before our eyes, we had been accosted and held prisoner by sadistic police from the MPD (Sgt. Trainor, badge #S950—just in case you were curious), I cried at least 6 times and none of us could feel our toes. Oh, and we also saw the president. 

All in all, I’d call the day a success. 

(L) Pre-parade (R) post-inauguration

Fist-pump for Joe Biden

A sampling of the sartorial sensibilities of our armed forces on display 


Scenes around 1600 Pennsylvania Ave