Last night, I was grumbling about the frigid state of my flat (which has since been fixed) when I had to stop myself. A year ago today, it seemed unlikely I would see the next morning, let alone the next year. But I am here. I am so very alive. I am singing. I am in love. I know how very blessed I am to be alive.

I am so deeply grateful for the family who decided that their loss would mean life for me and others in situations all too similar to my own. The presence of mind and generosity of spirit to think of others while walking with those you love through their valley and shadow of death is the definition of charity. It speaks to a deep understanding of the nature of life, love and renewal and a kindness that pushes me forward each day.

So on this special anniversary, I share this video with you. I gave this talk late last year. It's a different story than I usually tell, but I hope the idea is one you'll pass along. Thank you all for your love, for your support and kindness during this journey. I hope it continues on for many, many years and decades to come. But regardless of its duration, I am so very fortunate to have people like you who have supported me through it.

Lots of love,