Do you ever find yourself feeling at all grumpy?
Your toes are cold, your hair's not right, your tummy's gotten lumpy.
Maybe your friends are far away or your family's all mad,
Your circumstances are a bust and generally make you sad.

Perhaps you've lots of work to do which you would rather not
(and procrastination can be fun, but leaves you feeling taut).
Your mind might simpuhly be caught in a nasty, grumpy snow
Where even nice things make you scowl -- I know that feel, bro.

But don't despair, you angered or annoyed or ill-provoked,
Lift up your heavy drooping eyes, forsake your lack of hope!
For there was n'er an ailing heart which could not be made better
By a tiny Scottish pony, in a Scottish pony sweater.

A Shetland pony wearing a red sweater on the beach (© Rob McDougall,

Or maybe two:

Shetland ponies in sweaters in Scotland (© Rob McDougall,
Pictures discovered by Tom here, who then emailed them to Mercina, who emailed them to me, who shared them with you because I'm kind and want you to have pretty things.