After a raaaaaather ungraceful departure from our beloved Mile High City, and a hiiiiiighly eventful road trip (possibly involving a 2-a.m. lecture from an Iowa State Patrol Officer who felt compelled to make me sit in his cruiser for 20 minutes for driving six miles above the speed limit, an exploding trailer tire, and a 160-pound Mastiff named Levi), my little family and I are once again ensconced in our wee corner of the ghetto. We rolled in Tuesday night, and I'm still trying to conquer this:
Let's think about something more pleasant, shall we?

Much better.
 Did I tell you about the awesome Christmas brunch I made? It appeared to me this afternoon in a flashback vision when I momentarily lapsed into a bit of I-Don't-Think-I-Was-Cut-Out-For-This-Whole-Cooking/Cleaning/Diaper-Changing/Unpacking-Endless-Boxes-of-Supposedly-Educational-Toys Depression. And, I will confess, remembering that delicious holiday triumph brought me hope.

These sweet faces help, too. Also Phineas (whose absence from this picture is in no way an indicator of deficient parental affection).
Perfection is a strong word, but I can't think of a single thing I would change about that morning meal. Obviously, the company was superlative. But the food wasn't too shabby, either -- it was scrumptious, balanced, and came together pretty easily, even in my less-than-well-rested state. And nothing was particularly seasonal, so I might make the exact same thing for breakfasts all year long. Maybe tomorrow....

I used a recipe from Ina Garten's latest cookbook for lobster potato salad and made a couple of wild mushroom quiches -- all of which were pretty fantastic, (if I do say so myself). Then I set out some fancy olives, cheese and jam, as well as ephemerally delicious lemon cake Mercina made for Corban's birthday the night before. But the yogurt was really the best of all. And so simple, I'm not sure I could even call this a recipe.Whatever. Yum.

Spectacular Yogurt
In fancy glass dish, layer together:
cut strawberries
pomegranate gems 
chiffonaded mint

Top with an abundant drizzle of good honey, some lemon zest, and a generous sprinkle of salted pistachios.

Ta-da! That's it! It will blow your mind. Now, if only organizing my house were that easy....

*Noosa yogurt is a Colorado product/religious experience. It's available pretty broadly in CO, but you might need to search a bit to find it elsewhere. You will not regret the effort. Unless you become totally addicted and have to break up with all your other yogurts in favor of this spendier, fattier version. If you don't want to risk that, get a nice Greek yogurt and spike it with some honey, lemon zest and juice to make it extra tangy-sweet...
Definitely one of the very best things I have ever made in the kitchen.