This week, my former roomie, partner in crime, singledom and one of my very bestest friends got married in upstate New York. Katie and her husband were friends for YEARS. Honestly, I would have thought they were dating the entire time had I not been spending a lot of time with Katie in New York. Finally, last year, they decided to try out the whole romance thing and it seems like it stuck -- in an eternal sort of way. One of Katie's best friends from college is a set designer for Julliard, no less, and she helped stage a perfectly exquisite affair in an old cracker factory in Seneca New York. It was pretty perfect and while weddings aren't really my thing, I was so happy to be well enough to attend this one. 


Marigold and mums; Magical baby spot; Father, mother and sister of the bride; More buds; Best dressed -- she made her dress -- wait for it -- out of the tablecloths from her wedding. I'll get over it eventually; This is not an exit; My man; So pretty; The perfect pair; Bride's family; There was a concert at the wedding. Yes, a concert. And it was awesome. William Joseph was the pianist. He looks like giant David Archuletta and plays like a beast; Books and flowers; Second weddingy thing at a church; The cracker factory; Happy bride!!!