Who will win the most Olympic medals, China or the US?

Will Katniss prevail? 

I don't know... Actually, the US did. As for Katniss, you tell me.

But as far as I'm concerned, the winning-est team has been my waistline and my stomach. Yes, friends. After 6 months, my BMI is well into the healthy range. I don't want it to be TOO much healthier, but during my -- errr -- training, I found some seriously delicious dishes that are easy peasie -- actually, there was more cheesy involved than peasie, but I digress. Here are my top bites for summer.

The goodest snack/appetizer involving chutney and goat cheese; The goodest summer soup, a summer take on grilled cheese and tomato soup and a reconstructed caprese salad (really: it has grilled cheese croutons... need I say more?); The goodest grilled veggies;  the goodest asparagus salad (if you look hard, you night actually be able to find that recipe on this blog); the goodest succotash; the goodest lunch; the goodest gouda and pear calzone; the goodest cheese stuffed qiunoa burger; the goodest stuffed kobacha squash; the goodest fishie with ferns; the goodest burratta, grilled peaches and honey 4 ways; the goodest yogurt; the goodest dessert sandwitch; the goodest pretzel with the funkiest caramel mustard dipping sauce; the goodest frozen berry treat; the goodest home made ice cream with figs, sour cream and full fat yogurt.

Now here come Two's own Hunger Game: Which one of these concoctions makes you most hungry? Tell me in the comment section below (or my hunger games will feel rather pathetic. If you don't play along, what's the point?). 

Whichever is the audience favorite, I will tell you how to make -- be that a recipe or a place, I will let you find out in what district or kitchen you'll find the goodest goods. The rest of the recipes will be brutalized and die in my stomach. Unless two of the choices fall in love. Then, I might let both their recipes survive (evil laughter).

As for now, I'm off to Toronto in the beloved "Menace to the North" ... aka Canada. I'll tell you about it when I get back, along with your chosen recipe!