"So how's married life?"

This has become the most frequent salutation used to greet me in recent weeks. Yet as often as I hear it--which is a lot--I can't seem to put my finger on an appropriate response. You see, "married life" is lovely, but after four years together, it's not too different from pre-married life. The thing is, before we got married, life was wonderful. I was in love, I gained a new comfort in my own skin, I felt safe yet challenged on a daily basis. In short, I was the happiest I've ever been. And that is why we got married.

So here we are, a  month in and none of those things have changed. The things that have changed are more or less minor (more minor: We wear rings and exchange an increased number of sappy texts? less minor: Dr. P gets to be in family pictures now!) So, I guess the appropriate answer to that question I keep hearing is this: Married life is life. And life is really, really good.