True Story: When I was eight, I had a camping birthday party.  We went up to the mountains with some of my best friends and family.  In the morning, One dressed up as a mountain nymph and my cake floated down the creek.  It was awesome. 

True Story: I spent my 18th birthday eve in an inconsolable fit of tears that time was stripping me of my well-earned childhood.  I felt I had never done anything to deserve the fate of becoming a grown up.  It was just too much.  

True Story: I lived in Florence during the hottest summer on record -- at least to that point.  They don't really "do" air conditioning there and we'd had 40 consecutive days over 95 degrees.  You get used to it, but it was starting to take a toll.  That week, there was a fire the next hill over from us.  They got it under control, but the heat was simply out of hand.  The night before my birthday, I said a little prayer.  It went something like, "I am so grateful to live here and to be singing and doing what I love, but if there is any way possible we could have some rain, that would be the best birthday present ever."

The next morning, I awoke to a cool rain.  Which was also awesome. As was my midnight party, led by Z, Momo, Three, Four and Five

True Story: Last birthday, I doubted I would make it to this birthday.  

True Story: We've had another record breaking heat wave this year, but this time it's in DC.  Saturday, the heatwave broke again, with mists of rain and lovely, Seattle-like weather.  It was the perfect accouterments to lovely celebrations by Mr. Two, Three, Dulcia, Mimo, Brother L, and Eurry.

True Story: I made it to this birthday which is a miracle.  Thanks to all of you who prayed and thought and willed me to get here.   Things have changed from when I was 18... aka, I really like my birthdays now!

From Top to Bottom: Fire Station on NJ Ave. By Art and Soul;
Druid Hill Park; Baltimore Botanical Gardens; Hamden Candy Store:
Me and Yoni (can you find me?); Spoils; Best Girl Store EVER (Shoes
&Chocolate. Need I say more?); Cute shoes; Cafe Hon; Bowties and boy things; Thanks for
coming back to town Daniella.  We are a little worried.  You've changed
a LOT since leaving for Australia. I think we need to talk.; Unexpected
visitor 2; rain for my birthday.