A few days ago, some friends and I were at Astro Boy's place - attempting to finish a project for work - when Astro Boy started to work on his own little project in the kitchen.  
Naturally, I no longer had much patience for work and went to see what he was up to.
He was cutting peaches, breaking chocolate, cracking graham crackers, and arranging marshmallows.  

He was organizing the necessary ingredients for

{s'mores + peaches}

A few months ago, Three wrote a post featuring a video about this intriguing treat and I soon became obsessed with the idea of eating them. 
Well, after finally partaking in these scrumptious munchies, I can say that the obsession was completely merited.  

They. are. so. good. 

New rules for how to have a worthwhile summer life:
1. Watch this video.
 2. Make s'meaches.
3. Watch this video.
4. Repeat step 2.