Remember that one time your friend convinced herself that an assortment of weird symptoms vaguely resembling pregnancy were a result of stress? Because she kept taking pregnancy tests and they kept coming back negative? But then it turned out that she had bought an entire industrial-sized box of faulty tests and SHE HAD REALLY BEEN PREGNANT THAT WHOLE TIME?


Well, it's a girl.

After a whirlwind week that started with feeling a baby kick and confessing to my husband that I must really be having some sort of psychotic break, which prompted a positive pregnancy test (from a different box -- I will let you know the offending brand in question when I get back to D.C.!), a visit to a doctor who thought I probably was crazy -- until he turned on the ultrasound and saw Little Miss in all her 22 weeks of gestational glory -- and then quality time with some of the best prenatal specialists in the Rocky Mountain region, I am really, really happy to say that everything looks perfectly great. And she's due April 15. Which feels awfully soon, doesn't it? What a crazy/weird/thrilling blessing!

So, for all those of you who've been thinking (SINCE JULY) that I've been unusually emotional, needy, worn out, emotional, fat, emotional and glowing, (let's PLEASE not forget glowing!), sorry about that. But apparently there's been a pretty good reason. Happy Tax Day!