You know what they say? First comes love, then comes baby, then the momma becomes a married lady!  Wait... no... that's not quite right.  

Anyway... Mr. Two and I are trying to decide which wedding announcement we are going to send out.  During my search, I found this little book which I find--what's the word--inspiring. I think you all will find the jacket material quite illuminating: 

"Had enough of the same old wedding announcements?  The thick paper, printing press, the vellum and worst of all, the antiquated language?  In my new book, Wedding Announcements for People In Love, you will find ideas for wedding announcements that are totally original and speak to what each bride or groom really wants to tell people about their wedding.   Let us help you find the perfect message to share with all of your loved ones about your special day."

I'm pretty sure she's a genius.

It says, "We just want you to know, we weren't pregnant."