What can I say?  I was inspired by Two's fresh take on flowers yesterday, but there's one that she left out, ICE CREAM FLOWERS!!!!  Sigh. I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about them.  I promise these are the last pictures we'll post from our most recent European adventures, but I really feel the need to share.  I was in Budapest for 10 days and I went to this place 4 times within that period. The really glorious thing about these flowers in particular is that they're pretty and delicious.  Seriously, some of the best gelato I've ever had--and just between us, I eat a lot of this stuff.

So.  If you find yourself in Budapest go to this place --Gelartorosa?-- it's right next the the basilica in St. Stephan Ter.  If I had to recommend one flavor, I couldn't.  I was equally thrilled by all of them from the lavender-white chocolate to the orange-Nutella (oh yes, they go there).  In fact, part of me is grateful Gelartorosa doesn't exist here in D.C., because I think I'd start resembling a rose myself if it did.  And with that, I shall close with my favorite poem from Shel Silverstein (written from memory, I can't remember its name...).

"You're eating like a pig again!" My mother scolded me.
"If you keep eating like a pig, a pig is what you'll be"

I really cannot fathom what the fuss is all about.
For haven't I a lovely tail, and see my splendid snout?

If only that was life-sized...

Poppy-seed and Pistachio

Watermelon and Elderflower-strawberry

White Chocolate Lavender and Lemon Basil

Darrrrrk chocolate and Hazelnut

Pure Contentment