A few weeks ago, I posted about some Hungarian inspired felt wallets that Two, Four, and I created. I thought that they were pretty sweet -- they were some of my more pride-inducing attempts at crafty-ness. So pride-inducing, in fact, that I submitted this:

to the website Craftgawker, convinced that it was a shoe-in. Now, occasionally FIVE's submissions to the aforementioned site are rejected. They always give some sort of reason, like bad lighting or blurriness -- I don't like it, but I understand. However, this time it was:

MORE INSPIRATIONAL?! Does it GET more inspirational than hand-sewn, 100% recycled felt wallets with adorable, heart-bellied blue birds?! (don't answer that). And even if that one is a little askew, there's no need for that passive aggressive. . . aggressiveness. Is it really necessary to place a value judgment on a little felt pouch that has never hurt a fly? When all's said and done, was anything productive accomplished by calling the poor thing uninspirational?. . . I think it's at least as inspirational as 'flowers' made out of old coffee filters.

I'm sure that there's an excellent lesson here about pride coming in the summertime (or something like that), and I still quite admire the wee satchels, so perhaps I should stop massively over-blowing this seriously insignificant event. In fact, I'm going to end this post on a truly inspirational note. Craftgawker, I will no longer seethe at you for shunning my petite handicrafts. I release you from the terrible, soul-munching guilt that has been consuming you since you typed those nine impudent words. Yes, Craftgawker, I forgive you. And, while I have your attention, could you tone down the feathers? I get really sick of them.