Each bride wants her wedding to have that something special -- that something that guest will talk about for years, that will make it onto StyleMePretty.com that detail that sets their wedding apart from the thousands of other nuptials being said every day.  

In this search for the undone, untried and exceptional, there are few details more important than the bouquet.  So here are some ideas that can take you and your wedding to the next level.

1. For The Romantic.  
I am sure you have heard of people releasing doves at their wedding, but what about taking an armful of them down the isle with you?  Think of the romance and the elegance of white doves, flying chest level as you walk down the isle.  Just attach a small string -- better yet, grosgrain ribbon -- to their feet and walk in wondering awe as your bird bouquet hovers around you.

2.  A Continuation of Bouquets in Flight
Try Dragon Flies, Butterflies, House Flies and Bumble Bees for a charming variation on the first idea.  If you're worried about the birds getting hungry, it might be thoughtful to incorporate some of the ideas from this bouquet into the first bouquet. 

3. For the Independent Bride
Imagine the rustic surprise and the message of strength it would send to your future spouse if you carried a bouquet of hammers, screw drivers, wrenches and pliers?*

4. For the animal lover
Spend your special day holding puppies!  Even if you're left at the altar, you'll have someone warm and cuddly to take home with you.


5. For the health nut
Edible Arrangement's aren't only for delivery anymore.  My favorite edible would be a box of mixed nuts in a clear jar with a lid to match your wedding colors.  It offers a healthy snack on the long walk to saying "I Do."


6. For the Foodie
What says sophistication and romance more than a marble tray with imported, local or artisinal cheeses?  Pick one to signify the traits you admire in your spouse:  is he aged?  Is he white?  Goat, sheep, or cow? Is he hard or soft? Stinky or sweet? pick the ones that fit your relationship best.  This is a wonderful choice for an outdoor wedding.

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7. For The Sultry Bride
Why leave your man wondering about what you'll wear on your wedding night when you can take part of your trousseau down the isle?  Lingerie is to pretty to keep it hidden.  Carrying it around will not only excite your groom, it will give everyone the opportunity to be included in your special night.

8. For The Smelly Bride
This is recommended if you had Mexican food for your rehearsal dinner.  Carry your favorite perfume in a decorative bottle and spray as necessary.

9. Honoring those who can't be there
Carry an urn with remains of those you loved most.  How better to have them with you when you say, "I do?"

10.  A Penny Saved
Finally, if you prefer cash to gifts, ask people to contribute to a bouquet of roses fashioned out of hundred dollar bills. What a fun, thoughtful way of letting guests know what's really important to you on your special day!**

*Be careful when throwing this bouquet.  It may cause injury.
** Throwing this bouquet might be extremely expensive.