The gods must be smiling on me because this week I got some unexpected awesomeness! And while it might be a slight overstatement if I said they were my absolute-most-ever-best-in-the-whole-wide-world favorites, they certainly brightened my week.

A Birthday package from Four and Five!
(who cares if it's four months late? It's like it's my birthday all over again,
except this time I'm not reminded of how old I am!)

A Post Card from Paris

While a Parisian postcard is always something to smile about, this one was extra-awesome because it was sent by my wonderful friend and former roommate Loic! Dr. P and I really need to hop the pond and go see him sometime soon...

Study Time with TINY!
While Princess H was occupied with the ballet, Tiny had much more serious things to attend to. Dr. P was VERY grateful for Tiny's input.