We were lucky to be invited to a preview preformance of Shen Yun at the Kennedy Center this week. Three had the brilliant idea that Mr. One and I ought to bring the Princess along, since she just started dance classes and the tickets were free.
It wasn't until we were driving through the snow to the theater that it occured to me that taking a two-year-old to a performance of Chinese ballet might be a little nutty. In retrospect, I'm glad my Crazy-meter is out of whack, because the Princess was a perfect angel, and the evening was divine.**
**Shen Yun means Divine Arts, so I'm making a pun in Chinese.
Dad would be so proud.

My dear friend sent The Princess and Charlotte matching dresses for Christmas. So naturally Charlotte had to come along. I don't know who was better behaved -- which is actually saying a lot for The Princess, since Charlotte is a doll.

Shen Yun is a beautiful and impressive spectacle, but I must confess I missed a lot of the dancing. I was totally mesmerized by Princess H., and her wonder at the entire affair.

This is how we kept her quiet, so I guess we cheated a little....

The night was pure magic, marred only by the untimely demise of the royal pigtails.
Admiring a Matisse at Intermission