What do you get when you cross 2 spools of ribbon, 1 spool of wire, the Rocky Mountains and 5 TD sisters?
Wedding decor! For $12.80! And not one of our weddings. Not that we wouldn’t be very pleased getting off spending less than 15 bucks on decorations. I would think that was rather thrilling. No, it was our adolescent partner in crime, Miss -- and now -- Mrs. L. Rocky Mountain High!

To say we love Mrs. L’s family would be a drastic understatement. We have undergone numerous triumphs and trials in tandem, making the L’s more like the TD’s, expanded. Most of the L’s returned home just days before the wedding, so the TD sisters headed up to the L’s family oasis in the Colorado Rockies. Upon arrival, we weren’t sure what to do. There was wire and ribbon, but their home seemed deserving of more gorgeous decorations.

Aspen trees!

Two dozen aspen boughs, a spool of relatively fine wire, two spools of ribbon, sweat, et voila! Gorgeous decorations a la le sœur TD!

Mrs. F and Me, affixing aspens to the banister

Four, One and ALL that ribbon!

We did make one mistake. When it comes to food, don’t say no when you mean yes. They offered to feed us the night before and we said “of course not!”.

HUNGRY(!!!), but not quite done!

And they married happily. Here’s to ever after......................... and food :o)