We TDs are collectors. Rocks, quilts, books, hats -- you name it, and we've probably had at least a few (dozen) of them somewhere or sometime. Many of our collections are languishing in boxes or cupboards. And more than a few have been passed along or abandoned completely. But, though we may have short attention spans, we aren't idiots. We know a good thing when we've got it. And we realize that our most precious and satisfying collection is, indubitably, the amazing array of people we love. And, though many of you are subjected to the same kind of neglect currently endured by my long-defunct bunny collection, we have a hunch you somehow manage to love us, too.

Dear Readers, this blog represents a heartfelt attempt to remedy some of that neglect. We promise you'll hear something from us five days a week -- a small collection of the things that make us happy, keep us busy and bring meaning to our worlds. We hope it makes you smile.

The Top 5 Reasons We Started This Blog

5. We like to travel in packs, even online.

4. To memorialize all the fun and outlandish happenings, ideas, projects and progeny of our far-flung sisterly clan.

3. To publicly shame each other into keeping in better touch with our favorite peeps.

2. Oprah won't give us money to start our own magazine. Boo.

1. To make our brothers jealous.