Autumn!! I think that the Jewish calendar gets it right: Life begins with autumn. We're just past the Jewish celebration of New Year (Rosh Hashanah) which welcomes the process of life with harvest festivals (Sukkot), days for atonement and making recompense (Yom Kippur), and days to remind us of our dependence on the All Mighty. Maybe that's why I'm such a sucker for Autumn. I love the apples. I love the weather. I love the leaves. Somehow, its melancholy beauty is my happy place. It reminds me of all of the beauty that pain brings, the opportunities brought about by sorrow and the wonder mortality itself illuminates. Yoni and I caught peak season in Central Park (not this year, but who's counting?), so in honor of October and remembering and loveliness, I thought I'd share it with you! Speaking of which, we'd LOVE to hear about your favorite autumnal adventures! Where is your favorite place to see autumn leaves and what's your favorite autumn fix? We're looking to expand our seasonal repertoire.  

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