Well, hello, friends! Remember me? I used to blog here. My babies ate my computer a couple months ago -- which made it a bit cumbersome to share their antics here. But I'm back and I'm wired and I'm awfully glad about it. I've sincerely (mostly) missed sharing.

The mostly part is kind of interesting. I'm undeniably a writer and a talker. I love parties and people and personal association, and I really love this little blog. But, from time to time, I find all that connection ...exhausting. And, even though I think of myself as a generally social and congenial lady, I also really enjoy peace and quiet and the agreeable company of my own weird thoughts. Which brings me to our topic for this evening: The delightfully self-indulgent universe of personality tests. So fun, right?

Most people are familiar with the Myers-Briggs test, which is amazing and occasionally creepily accurate. My type is XNFP. That unusual X means that I am neither an Introvert nor an Extrovert -- or perhaps more accurately, that I'm seriously moody and capricious when it comes to my people skills. I think it makes an awfully convenient scapegoat for these months of radio silence, no? Sorry about that.

But enough about me. Go check out my favorite personality test ever. I found it as a newlywed in an issue of The Oprah Magazine. It honestly transformed the way I understood pleasant similarities and striking differences in how my husband and I looked at the world. Nearly *NINE* years later, I'm more in love than ever -- and still find these insights helpful.

Finally, you may have already seen this, but HuffPo took the Myers-Briggs personality types and matched them to famous literary characters. I love it to pieces, but mostly because it says that (at least half the time) I'm Anne-with-an-E married to Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy. <<swoon>>

Talk about living the dream.

PS -- I finally joined Instagram a couple months ago. How come nobody told me it's where all the cool kids hang out? Check out the FIVE feed for fun pics, too. But not if you're hungry. Seriously...