Ladies, ladies, ladies.

Since Sunday, my social media outlets have been atwitter with people aghast at a number of performances (one in particular) that took place at a music awards show this past weekend. It seems like every third person I am connected to can't stop talking about how disgusting, distasteful, degenerate and deviant the behavior is.

But can I tell you something? The reason why that stuff gets on television is because whenever someone does something that is sexually explicit or obscene, whatever new sex video or scene or scandal happens, that's all anyone seems to be able to talk about. How disgusting it is, how wrong it is, how it degrades women. But if we didn't talk about this stuff, if we didn't reward people by clicking on their articles, buying the magazines with x-rated covers, by posting their names or watching--and sharing--the youtube clips; guess what? That kind of media would disappear.

The reason there is so much sex in the media is because of us.

So if you want to see wholesome media, consume it. Next time you see a story about something good, share it on twitter or facebook or your blog. Next time you respect something, share that. Because no matter how disgusted you are, sharing dirt just makes things dirty. Sharing light brightens things making them of value to advertisers and businesses.

On that note, here's a beautiful little video on perspective I found on upworthy from While I don't directly visit the site too much, more often than not, the links I click on go there.

Vote with your clicks! Vote with your links! The media will follow what you do. The power is literally in your hands.