Growing up, we had friends who's grandparents owned a sorghum farm. It's an old grain that among other things, is used to make a very sweet molasses-like syrup. I used to love the stuff. It's an unusual flavor, but one I'm rather fond of. I recently found a bottle and decided it would be the perfect finish to one of Yoni and my favorite summer treats of peaches and burrata (mozzarella's dreamy cousin who I fell in love with when I lived in Italy).  Since the peaches are *finally* ripening around here, the timing couldn't be better. If you don't have any sorghum on hand, try honey instead!

Grilled Peaches and Burrata

2 peaches
1 ball of burrata
greens (these are from Kimber's garden)
sea salt (optional)

Slice peaces in half, removing pit. Heat skillet to high, placing a little sorghum or white sugar where you'll place peaches. When sugar starts to melt, place peaches on top. Allow to brown. Place greens in hole left by pit and heap burrata on top. Serve with crusty bread. Serves 4.