We had a truly glorious, extra-long Easter weekend. I'm still recovering from all the merriment. Momo and Zen flew in for a surprise visit Friday night. Saturday, we picnicked at the cherry blossom festival with our extended Lantos family in the shadow of a thousand kites. Sunday, we enjoyed church even more than usual, since both Charity and Hettie sang, and that afternoon we trekked to my cousin's lovely new home in Virginia for good food, great company and an epic egg hunt worthy of Grecian myth.

You'd think, come Monday morning, we'd be partied out. 

Nay, my friends. Never. 

Uncle Levi delivered the pièce de résistance: an afternoon at the White House Easter Egg Roll.

It takes a particular sort of good man to escape from a busy job for hula hooping 
and egg dying (in a khaki suit!) with someone else's kids. 
What can I say? My kids are awfully lucky in the Uncle Department.