I don't know about you, but it always seemed like when one part of my life was difficult, something else was there to compensate. But at the moment, life is thoroughly wonderful. I am so happy. My career is going in directions I never dreamed it could. I am working on projects I find meaningful. I am totally in love. I get along with all my siblings and relatives. I love my friends. To top it all off, Yoni and I take our tandem bike to tango every week and he's getting pretty good. Part of me is afraid to breath, knowing anything could throw  this highly unusual and blissful equilibrium off balance. And the other part of me thinks that's not a bad thing. Too often, when times are good I forget how very good they are because there are always things that go wrong. Unmade beds, disagreements, unkind people, unwanted pounds, there is always something that can be better. But when there is room for gratitude, bask in it. During the scenes when challenges are bit players, savor it.