'Twas some months after Christmas and all through the hood
The company was fantastic'ly good.
The food, it was vegan and more than enough
The tree was a tinsled and stockings were stuffed

The hospital seemed left behind long ago
And Christmas was back for a fine cameo

Momo had hauled all her presents from Denver
Nephew Tomkins had Hay Fever badly, remember?
While Dennis got meds from the closest drug store
Elizabeth tended to babies galore.

When all of a sudden arose a sweet chorus
of  off-Broadway show tunes of humor and tsorus.
On Mia, on Shiloh, on Libby and Noni
On Chari and Levi, on Corbi and Yoni,
On Premal and Babies, the kids just kept coming
And before we all knew it, the children were humming.

The melodies rose, while a few little puppets
Did their darndest impression of your favorite muppets.
The musical Godspell seemed quite apropos
For a spring celebration of Jesus Christ, yo.

Now this poem I see, it is getting quite long.
But needless to say that the gifts and the songs
Were just a small part of what made these libations
a perfectly perfect Christmas Celebration.

Life happens. You'll miss some darn cool things, it's true.
But you just remember whatever you do,
February or May or December in life
With love we can all have a very good night!