Here's the last batch of photos from our trip to Costa Rica. Our final days were spent on the Caribbean coast in the town of Puerto Viejo. It was the perfect way to close an amazing vacation. As someone who has never been to the Caribbean before, I was really struck by the way everything seemed to slloooooooooooww doooooooooowwwnnn. Including us. Beach cruisers--or bare feet--were the primary mode of transportation, which was totally fine because no one had anywhere they had to be. The days and dreads were long, and none of the residents could remember how it was they came to live there.  

our porch-mate
In some ways, these days couldn't be more different. My company's big annual conference is taking place next week, and days zip by almost before they've started. Meanwhile my mind is engaged in an epic battle with itself, as it tries to decide whether I'm headed for certain disaster or enduring glory, with the odds changing ever couple of minutes. It's exhausting, but it's also exhilarating. And every time I think I've reached my limit, I'm proven wrong, and so I keep going.

Our days in the Caribbean were relaxing, restorative and incredibly chill. But oddly enough, times like these reinforce the fact that "dreamy" can be a subjective term, and if I had to choose, I'd take "big city hubbub" over "desert island bliss" any day.  
recycling at a random truck-stop FTW!

The primary mode of transportation in Puerto Viejo

A walk on the beach to watch the sun rise

I share this video ALL. THE. TIME. But...

 it felt so wrong to write about the Caribbean and not share it...