Holidays are a big freaking deal at the TD house. 
We like our carols loud, our sweaters ugly, and our eggnog straight up. 

You can call it excessive (my husband certainly has -- humbug!)
 We just call it merry.

In this exuberant spirit of "more is more," and as a public service to Mr. One, who really loves some clear direction on this stuff, here is the first of many installments of Five's Holiday Gift Guide. Happy Giving!

One's Top 5 Christmas Wish List
I'll post kiddie wish lists this weekend!
Maybe next week I'll make my Hanukkah wish list. With eight things....

1. The New Yorker.   Bite-sized nuggets of excellent writing? Yes please! And a subscription keeps giving all year long -- 52 little love letters in your mail box.
2. Heady, tropical perfume. I love this stuff. It's like a vacation in a bottle. A vacation of the non-bottled variety would also be super....

4. A gorgeous statement necklace. Since my sweet babies have busted so many of my favorites...

4. What I *really* want is a house in Denver, since that's where we're spending most of our time these days, (and it would be awfully nice to have a house located where we actually live, no?). But I realize that's a pretty big item for Santa to lug around on his sleigh, so I'm not getting my hopes up. But once I DO have a house, (or am living in the one I already have, I suppose), I desperately want one of my awesomely artistic siblings to come make a moss mural on a garden wall. Isn't this amazing?

5. Babysitting Coupons. Before I had kids, I thought these were a total cop-out. 
I WAS SO WRONG. The end.

Also, this.