To quote Mariah Carey's famous Christmas song from the unforgettable film, "Sparkle" (which I never saw and I am not quite sure I got the title right, but everyone said it was quite something)*

"I don't want a lot for Christmas,
There's just one thing I need 
I don't care about the presents 
Underneath the Christmas tree 
I just want you for my own 
More than you could ever know 
Make my wish come true 
All I want for Christmas is... "

A house. And not just a house. A house that is on a bright, corner lot on a tree lined street. I want one room, big enough for a grand piano and for my musician friends to come over and make music with me. I want a gas stove and an oven with some pleasant counter space so I can cook fabulous meals for my family and friends and guests, whomever they may be. I want a nice, deep tub and I want windows -- glorious windows to let the sunshine in. I want a second unit -- above or below, I don't care so long as we can rent it and it helps to pay for the mortgage. I want a skinny, little yard where my wonderful husband can tend a tiny little vegetable garden and where we can set out one, long, table in the summer time, string lights and have dinners with the people we love. I want a place to fill with memories. To paint and to put nails in the walls. A kitchen for glass doored cabinetry and coffee cakes. A place to make scratches and dents, a place for Christmas trees and trick-or-treat. I want a house that is my house; that is my home.

And since our landlord is selling, my timing couldn't be better.

Now to find all of that at a price I can afford in the place I want to live... Wish me luck or excessive generosity from Santa.

Now that I think of it, maybe that is a lot... especially with that second unit...

*When I searched for "sparkle" and "Mariah Carey" I discovered the movie is actually called Glitter, in case you are looking for an old new Pop Christmas Classic. It is famous, or infamous for being ... well ... you can see here 

*Also... I am not sure the song is actually from Sparkle Glitter. But it is a great song.
*for your viewing pleasure, the original and one of my favorite interpretations of the classic