You'll hear people say Christmas is for children or for Jesus, for giving or for families, for any number of things that are good and worthy and lovely in their own right. But I would suggest something else.

Whether you celebrate Christmas or Hannukah, Dwali or Ramadan or nothing in particular, the holidays are a reminder that even in the darkest times there is light. Even when the world seems cold and bleak, there is warmth and happiness. Even when hope seems hard to find, joy is all around us. To me, the holiday season is about  light, joy and happiness being present in the most unlikely of places. In a glass of warm cider shared with a stranger. In a smile from a passer by. In an unexpected gift or greeting that is shared or received. In candles lit. In memories made. In love shared. Even in a manger.  Goodness is all around us. So light a candle, turn on the lights and let the wonder roll.