For Christmas I mostly want hot chocolate with half-melted marshmallows, but these things are pretty neat, too.

A watch. I really like watches. I like knowing what time it is when my phone is lost (which is often). I tend towards the stylistic extremes with timepieces - I either like them huge and gaudy and sparkly, or super simple (but still big). But don't mind that. . . I just want a watch.

A family trip to the local thrift shop. Trundle into the car, give everyone a spending limit (I'd suggest anywhere from $5-$25, depending on how many people you have and your desired volume of giftage), and then play pop-up white elephant with your wares! (ß Guys. I want to do this, guys. Guys. Guys, we should do this. Guys. Ok.)

A micro-lending gift card. I already got one of these from One three years ago, and I'm still using it. I've lent more than triple the amount of the original gift card to small entrepreneurs across the world. As people pay back their loans, you can loan to more people. It is the $25 gift that keeps on giving!

I don't know what this is or where it came from, but I want to wear it around my neck like a trophy.

These funny little rain boots would come in handy in a soggy town like New Haven. Although they would require some attractive socks for optimal utilization. Or really attractive feet.