Christmas is *so* sooon! Unfortunately there are a few things that I have to do before I can start to really celebrate (finish 3 term papers, prepare for {and give} 3 final presentations, study for 2 finals, take those 2 finals...). BUT, after all that nonsense is out of the way, I have some serious crafting planned. 

I'm looking forward to making this pretty moss wreath (these projects are also calling to me...):

Attempting to replicate this starry canvas concoction:

Finishing the stockings I started sewing last year....
And Through the Woods

Making a few of these:

And baking eating these: 

Even more exciting than the crafts are the people who will be coerced into making them with me! Two, Three, Five and I will be joining Momo, One, and the rest of the brood, in Denver for some serious holiday magic.

I. Cannot. Wait. 

16 days!