On Mothering

Late last night—or perhaps early this morn—I woke up to a whimper coming from the room next door. 
As Disco had just recently gone silent, I took it on me to allay this discontent. 
Into the nursery I peered and found Tiny, looking awfully cute if a teensy bit whiny. 
Though I asked, he gave no cause for his dread. And he was swiftly soothed with a rub of his belly and a kiss on the head. 
As his breath slowed to a steady snore, I victoriously made my way to the door
(Smugly thinking to myself the whole way “I’m gonna kick butt at this mom-stuff someday.”)
But before I was out came another small cry, and I turned to see Tiny again with a tear in his eye. 
So back to bed I went to calm him once more, and when he went silent I ran for the door.  
A third time he called before I escaped, and soon his small body upon me was draped. 
And there he slept the whole night through, not even stirring when joined by a dog or two. 
And when the dawn came I was awfully tired, as under that babe this babe had been mired.
I ran for the train late and untidy, getting a kiss on my way from a sweet bright-eyed Tiny.
"I will be a good mom" I thought on my way, but I'm glad I don't have to fill that role today.

One and the kiddos have been visiting since Thanksgiving, and Dr. P and I are enjoying their company immensely. I feel a special kind of safety every time I walk into the kitchen and see my lovely sister’s smiling face, and a new respect for what is means to be a mother to three delicious children (not to mention Momo's 10!).

During the few hours I’m home each evening One never seems to have a hand free or a moment to herself.  There is always a mouth to feed, a tear to dry, a mess to clean or a bum to wipe. While Dr. P and I like to relax with a glass of wine and an episode of homeland, Disney heroes and spilled milk have swallowed up her leisure time. Yet, One glides through it all with a serene smile on her lips. Come May, we will all be singing the praises of moms everywhere, but in this holiday season, as mothers are at their wit's end trying to make things magical for those they love, I am feeling awed and grateful for all of the mothers I have the honor of loving.