Don't these look good?! Actually, Honey Cupcake is a pretty good term of endearment, too. Maybe even better than dog or Slovenian or ice sculpture....just something to think about. Aaaanyway, my mind is mush today - here's some stuff it found on the interwebs:

The recipe for these cupcakes - which I'm definitely making over Thanksgiving (it's so early this year!).

A spooky story about the park near my school. Supposedly 5000+ bodies are buried beneath the grass.... The sad thing is, if you've visited, it totally makes sense.

Sometimes this is how I dance -

The other day I wore sparkly tights. It was a very good idea.

Gingerbread pancakes  are maybe the most delicious.

Nerdy Halloween humor a few days late.

A picture of my favorite place in the world, glorious Colorado.

Here's hoping we're all inspired this weekend! And here's hoping *my* inspiration comes in the form of two finished papers... :)