When our photographer asked where I'd like to have our morning photo session my response was immediate, Bartholdi park. The park is a spectacular little oasis nestled between the federal office building where I got my first job, the building where my grandfather worked, the botanic gardens, and the US Capitol. It is my favorite nook. The park is dedicated to (and graced by a breath-taking fountain by) Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, the artist who designed the Statue of Liberty, which I find quite fitting. 

We took a lot of pictures, as you might imagine, and most of them were pretty traditional, but I really love these goofy ones. In fact, if I had to pick only one set to have forever, the silly snaps would win hands down.  I feel they capture our friendships so sweetly, and I have plans in the works to make frame them as a set.

All photos by the ever talented Harsheet Patel
Finally, I want to note that yes, there is a distinct absence of Dr. P in these pictures. We decided to get ready with our own families and not see one another until the ceremony. So due to my lack of creativity when it comes to sorting through a thousand pictures, I'm posting in semi chronological order. Which means that my groom will be in the next batch! For those who missed this first round, you can find them here.