Note 1: Photographers matter. Something we TDs have learned over the years is that our big loud family demands a very special kind of photographer. The individual must be kind yet firm, flexible, patient, and have a great sense of humor. Add to that mix the intangible quality of "talent" and it's a pretty tall order we're serving up. Luckily, Dr P found Harsheet Patel. He was fantastic, especially given the timeline, last minute changes to the schedule, treks across town, myriad of opinions, and my general aura of chaos, we simply couldn't have asked for more. 

Note 2: I'll stop gushing about Harsheet soon (I don't wan't to make Dr. P jealous after all), but another thing I really appreciated about him is that all of our photos files (all 1000 of them), were included in the price of our session. Which I think is pretty awesome.

 There are so, SO many pictures that I love from the day that I'm going to have to do this in installments. The photos from this post were taken at Mimo's as we got tangled in our sarees. 

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