If you read this blog you've probably heard by now that Dr. P and I were getting hitched. What you may or may not have heard is that the blessed event took place this past Saturday. The question on everyone's tongues seems to be "why the rush?" The truth is that we just wanted to be married, but like most simple truths, there's a longer version too. 

Two years ago, Dr. P told me that he thought we ought to get married the weekend before he would begin his residency. The conversation took place while I washed dishes and he dried. I laughed and said that would be just fine--before adding that technically there was another important question he should ask me before setting dates. The conversation was left there until about six weeks ago when Dr. P took me to a quiet dinner where he said some of the loveliest things I've ever heard and  finally got around to the technicality of asking me to be his wife (I mostly nodded and cried, which I think he understood to mean "yes"). We finished off with a double dose of dessert, and a long walk where he reminded me of my sink-side promise from two years back. 

We knew that with 6-weeks notice, the whole affaire would need to be simple and intimate--very intimate. In fact, my entire guest list (outside of blood relations) came to a grand total of 2. 

My best friend and my boss. 

There are plans in the mix to have a slightly larger celebration in the next year--and we hope our friends will all indulge us with their company then--but for now I'm focusing on the present. And for me the present is mostly filled with gratitude. For the amazing family I was born with, the new family I have gained, and of course, for my husband.

There are more photos to come, but I thought I'd share a couple from our traditional Hindu ceremony now