When it came to blogging -- how do I say this nicely? -- I really wasn't a fan.  I felt they were self indulgent platforms for people with too much time on their hands. But after FIVE, I feel it my duty to tell you all of the wonderful things that have happened because of keeping a blog.

So... Here are the Top 5 confessions of a recovering Anti Blogger who now really likes to blog.

1. It's like journaling, but SO much better.  I distinctly remember the day I came into the laundry room and my mother was reading my journal.  And not just any journal, but the journal I wrote "I am in love with a different boy every ten minutes" in.  My stomach sunk.  My heart skipped a few beats.  Embarrassment doesn't approach the shame I felt.  But when I blog, I know I have an audience.  Even if it's just my sisters.  I self edit so when I go back and read my posts, it's less of "oh gosh... did I really think that way?" and more "wasn't that just wonderful?"

2. Because it's nice to spout off... I mean, share. What can I say?  I love having a forum to talk about art projects, wonderful recipes, politics, current events, Mr. Two, etc.  Humans have an innate need to share and I really enjoy sharing with you!

3. Because it gives me an excuse to take pictures.  Or more accurately, to ask others to take them for me.

4. Because it feels less creepy to blog-stalk than facebook stalk my sisters.

5. Because... well, because when we started out this blog, the ostensible reason was that we were drifting apart and that we wanted to be closer.  It was true.  It used to be that once a week or so, the five of us would head downstairs with a movie, treats, nail polish and soft rollers for a "girls party."   Between painted toes, Audrey Hepburn and Dad inevitably coming down to break up the party 10 minutes before the movie ended, we had enough fun that even at our most awkward, we never felt friendless.  But years and tears and miles and trials take their toll on relationships.   Having something to work on together is kind of like reintroducing a grown up version of our original girls parties.  It's an excuse to catch up, to check in and one day a week, to see something from the vantage point of the girls I love most.  So after my fair share of foot dragging, I will give credit where credit is due.  I think my sisters would agree that after a year of doing this blog thing together, we are as close as we have ever been and maybe closer.  I think we compete with each other less and appreciate each other more.  So my top confession is really a confession of gratitude: to you for reading, and to my sisters for doing this with me.  I look forward to doing it for many years to come!