It seems that One and I should have switched posts last week, because after false starts (and stops), at 8 lbs and 15.4 oz, Surprise Discovery, (or Disco for short) has arrived.  Now, Suprise Discovery has little chance of actually being given such a stupendously wonderful name (I think Mr. One would protest too much), but since I have the pleasure of announcing this beautiful brunette baby's birth, I also get to christen her with her blogger tome.

I am very, very excited about this little joyous muffin.  One thing that makes me particularly happy is that Princess H and Disco will be about the same distance in age as me and One.  Like little Disco, I was the second girl in our family.  I often reflect on what a blessing it was to have One as our oldest sister.  Of course along the way, we had our fair share of spats, hair pulling and silliness.  Still, from the time I started to consider myself something of a grown up (probably around 9 or 10) One always made time for me as a friend.  While my older brothers (whom I love) didn't like the idea of their pre-adolescent sister tagging along, One didn't seem to mind.  From movie dates, to sister parties rife with nail polish and rag curls, tea parties and duets, One almost always made me and my sisters know she valued and loved us.  As we've grown up, she's acted as a moderator between us during arguments and conflicts.  I am fully aware that (diva that I am) I could not have done the job.  But One, with her deep confidence, quick wit and profound, abiding love has acted as the glue holding the five td sisters together.

Welcome little Disco.  While you can expect that some things will be unpredictable, I hope that your new little sisterhood will be as wonderful as ours.