Don't mind me.

I'm just hanging out. With a baby in my tummy.

Last Tuesday, at my regular doctor visit, my Ob ordered me straight from her office to the hospital for what she was confident would be a quick delivery that very evening. We went, sat around, walked around, and waited around for several hours, and nothing much happened. Except for some dude I'd never met before offering to pump me full of induction drugs in the middle of the night. No, thank you. So, we decided to leave. And they agreed to "let me go," as long as I promised to call an ambulance if things got exciting.

But, despite all medical predictions to the contrary, here we are a week later, still waiting for things to get exciting. This little lady (who was due April 15) obviously has a mind of her own.

While we're waiting (and waiting), I thought I'd share some truly exceptional commemorative art created by Five and the kiddies to mark Tuesday morning's Space Shuttle flyover. It was pretty fantastic.

Come to think of it, I think the real reason Baby Girl chose not to arrive that day is that she didn't want to be called Disco, which was actually a matter of quasi-serious discussion at our post-Shuttle sighting luncheon at Mimo's house...