*Not actually Two's necklace. She's been kind of busy lately and hasn't had a chance to style hers yet...

Many of the readers of this blog will remember that when my sisters and I were small, our mother would dress us in matching outfits on a VERY regular basis. We would parade about sporting stripes, or stars or sunflowers, and it was very easy to tell that we were a set.

As the years rolled on, we each managed to convince Momo that we had grown past the age of synchronized styling, and by the time Four and Five were 11 or 12 our style as a family was definitely more mix than match. But it seems somewhere along the way, a seed was planted, and these days you will often find the 5 of us not only coordinating, but doing so enthusiastically.

These pendants were a subtle attempt to pay homage to our mother's aesthetic, while adding a bit of ourselves to the mix.

How do you feel about matching with friends or family? Would you ever dress your kids in coordinating outfits?