The countdown to Baby #3 is ticking away. And even though we haven't definitively decided in which timezone the wee babe shall make her grand entrance to the world (!?*#), we are nonetheless very excited for her arrival. Thus far, preparations include: talking constantly with Princess H and Tiny about their new baby sister; buying a craigslist double stroller for our Denver sojourns; generally stressing out (just a little), and; discussing baby names. 

This last item on the list is so fun. And so hard. While the responsibility of naming a child pales in comparison to many other parental duties, labeling a perfect, innocent, living soul still feels like a seriously weighty task. Mr. One and I have very different ideas about what makes a proper name (which can hardly come as a shock, since we have different ideas about so very many things). And -- surprise, surprise! -- Princess H is full of opinions this time around, as well. We have a short list, but I think it's unlikely we'll settle on anything for sure before the sweet thing shows her exquisite, wrinkled, purply, cone-head in about eight weeks.  

In addition to the favorites, we also have quite a few rejects. And, I feel awfully mean to say that many of them come from the Junior Member of our August Naming Committee. Princess H's ideas are so unique and amusing, though, that even if we're not going to commit her little sister to live with them forever, I definitely want to share them with you.

Princess H's Top 5 (vetoed) Baby Names

1. Oat Blossom
2. Jew-Z
3. Her own name
4. Her Dad's name
5. Home Depot

For any of you interested in killing a few hours -- even if you're not naming a baby right now -- I'd highly recommend taking a peek at nameberry and especially Name Voyager. The former is an eerily accurate source for names that are popular in my demographic of people who think they're giving their kids unusual names; the latter lets you map names by popularity across time and space using the coolest interactive tools. Very, very fun. Am I missing any other great tools? Or do you have a name to suggest? I'm all ears!!