We had been packing all day; meeting with professors and advisors; attempting to find temporary homes for all of our stuff. I was exhausted--if not intellectually, both emotionally and physically. Hearing sporadic updates from Cleveland wasn't very comforting and knowing there was nothing I could do for Two until I finished packing up my room made me feel even more despondent. Plus I was hungry. We hadn't really eaten anything and the dining halls had closed for night. I got up, took the mirror down and propped it against the wall. "Maybe we should just throw everything away" I mumbled. Five agreed--which made me think it might not be such a brilliant plan.  Five doesn't really like stuff--unless, of course, it has been purchased from the Salvation Army. She said something about wanting to get some pizza; I pulled on my boots and started moving in the direction of the door. We were both a little mopey. On my way, I glanced in the askance mirror and--quite suddenly--things seemed just a little better. I had suddenly gained three inches and zero weight! I looked just like I'd like to look--simply because I was looking at things from a slightly different angle. Sometimes a little perspective is all you need to realize just how good you've got it. Over the last few weeks, things have been kind of intense--you know, the depressing, anxiety inducing kind of intense. But we are so lucky--lucky to have such a wonderful, loving, and involved family; lucky to have so many incredible friends; lucky that Two is still hanging in there--working as hard as she can to keep improving. The list of blessings goes on and on; sometimes it just takes a new angle to recognize just how big it really is.