The Dessert Table
(needless to say, we made/I ate these first)

Pumkin Pie with Rummed Hazelnut Cream : Salted Pecan Pie : Ginger Snap and Coconut Pumpkin Tart : Apple Cheddar Galette : Apple Praline Pie : Pumpkin Pie : Parmesan Pumpkin Pine-nut Focaccia (not dessert, but color coordinated)
*Not pictured: Spiced Cheesecake : Pear Cakelettes

The Prelude
(worth the tummy space?)

French Brie : Aged White Cheddar : Smoked Gouda : Cranberry Stilton

The Main Event
(my belly still hurts)

Mashed Potatoes : Vegetable Gravy : Cornbread and Yam Shepard's Pie : Salsa Colorado : Red Wine Braised Brussel Sprouts : Carrot Souffle : Creamed Sweet Potatoes with Candied Pecan Crust : Stuffing : Cilantro and Rocket Salad : Cranberry Sauce : Salt-Seared Tofu with Cloudberry (yes, cloudberry) Reduction : Kale : Roasted Beets with Balsamic Butter and Chevre : Hard-crusted Nut Bread
*Not pictured: Root Beer Braised Turkey

Leftovers, anyone?