If I could invent my own holiday, I think it would be a lot like Thanksgiving--except instead of eating turkey, a magical little bird would deliver gifts to all of the grateful girls and boys, football would be replaced with nice long walks, and the evening would culminate in a spectacular firework display. Also, everyone would have to dress up in Rococo inspired garb, there would be Thanksgiving music (I'm thinking a mixture between Yelle, Donkeyboy, the soundtrack to Jesus Christ Superstar and the Muppet Christmas Carol...) and people would carry lit sparklers around. all. day. Yep, other than those little tweaks, it would be just like Thanksgiving because I adore this holiday! Family, good food, and gratitude are kind of at the crux of everything that makes life worth living.
 I love that we have a holiday devoted to these simple--yet superlative--pleasures.



Happy Thanksgiving!