So, we've been fluttering about for the last few days preparing for the coming semester at mine and Four's new alma mater. It's been hectic, nerve wracking, exhausting, and thrilling. The people I love the most have been unendingly supportive and sweet, and Z in particular has gone the extra mile. Actually, a few thousand extra miles.

Z, whether by choice or not (probably not), you have racked up some major credit in the National Bank of Five's Good Will. So here's a brief list of some things that I owe you for:

  • Driving across the country in a car so filled that making your 6+" self fold into it for hours of uninterrupted driving doubtless qualified as cruel and unusual punishment
  • Wandering the inescapable corridors of IKEA and having your positive opinion used as the barometer for what not to purchase
  • Transporting and assembling couches, ottomans, and most anything else you can think of on an empty stomach (sorry that we occasionally forget that food and its consumption are necessary components of life)
  • Giving me tips on how to be as winsome as you are
  • Fibbing, and then deciding a few moments later to tell me that/why you did
  • Exploring with me
  • Offering to buy me mace
  • Working to be awesome (easy) and good (a bit harder)
  • Your brothering skillz. You make a pretty great one.

I love you. I'm really going to miss you. Be good.