Five and I arrived in New Haven last night and--with the help of Momo, brother Z and a an honest-to-goodness saint (THANK YOU MR. M!!!)--were able to move into our dorm rooms. Which we kind of love.

Here are the deets:

We are in the same residential college (a happy coincidence as you're supposed to be assigned randomly). Our rooms are in the same entryway (perhaps not such a coincidence), on the same floor (is anyone else getting the feeling this was planned?), next door to each other (aha! I knew it was too good to be true! I kid, I kid :)! Plus, we have a door that, when opened, makes our two separate, but lonely, rooms into one giant party! (It's actually more of an emergency exit than a door, but what the hey! We like it :).

Anyway, we have lots of things to do today. We're on the market for luxury items like trash receptacles, shampoo, and an iron. But, what I really want to get are some plants! Each room has a big block of windows and I want to fill them up with green things! So, I guess the real question is this: what types of plants are the most difficult to kill?