Through a dramatic, but mostly convoluted, sequence of events (I won't go into it [Four threatened to kill someone with a mandarin orange]), Two, Four, Brother Z, and I became stranded in a extravagant Maryland mansion for several days; we had no clothes but the ones on our backs, we all but forgot what a toothbrush looked like, and internet became a luxury of a bygone era. But no fear! We had been to Michaels.

Apparently, under this peculiar kind of situational duress, TD ladies' nascent (in my case, very nascent) Martha comes out. Two, Four, and I spent the night sketching, snipping, and stitching. We woke up the next morning to massive headaches and a pile of hand-appliqued felt wallets. We all felt better after a glass of orange juice, and were actually quite pleased with the fruits of our little craft bender.

Also, Four and I produced a disturbingly neat birthday cake banner.  Few things other than intense sensory deprivation could compel me to create this adorable monstrosity.

Perhaps we'll post a tutorial or two when we remember how we created these little doodads.

Actually. . . don't count on that. We probably won't remember.

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